What is the Alertus Hazard register?

The Alertus hazard register is a section within your Alertus profile that allows you to store details about your dangerous, flammable, important or other hazardous goods stored on site. It comes “free” when you register your properties emergency contact details with Alertus. Go to the Premises page of your Alertus profile and scroll down to ‘Other Information’ and select the ‘add’ button.

Why should I register my hazardous goods somewhere?

When your home or business is the subject of an emergency or incident, emergency service workers enter a property without any knowledge of the existence of any hazardous goods or important information. The New Zealand Police, Fire Service and Ambulance regularly attend properties that have flammables, dangerous pets or hazardous equipment on the property and these items present a danger to the attending emergency services personnel. There are many examples that show prior knowledge of the presence of these hazardous items would have prevented serious injury or even death.

What types of information could I record in the asset register

TVs, computers, audio equipment, cellphones, engraved jewellery etc etc. Information such as passport numbers, drivers license and other important documents etc can be stored under the Digital Vault classification.

What are the options available to me to record my information?

You can choose to record any of your asset information in the Asset Register, Hazard Register or Digital Vault.

  • When Asset Register is selected, all of this information is placed in your Asset Register. (Viewable and searchable by Police)
  • When Hazard Register is selected, all of this information is placed in your Hazard Register. (Viewable and searchable by Police)
  • When Digital Vault is selected, all of this information is placed in the Digital Vault. (Not viewable or searchable by Police)

How does the Alertus Hazard Register work?

You simply record the details of your hazardous items within your Alertus profile and then these details are safely stored in the hazardous register section of your profile.
NOTE: If the Police or Emergency Services are attending an incident at your premises, for example a fire, they can search your property profile on the Police Alertus Search Interface and your property information is displayed. Any hazardous items you have listed in the Hazard Register of your Alertus profile will be prominently displayed and highlighted with a red border alerting the Police and Emergency Services to the presence of the hazardous goods, including the quantity and whereabouts in the premises. The Police and Emergency Services response can be altered to ensure the safety of attending Emergency Services personnel and the public. The Police and Emergency Services can also contact you to advise you of the incident and obtain any further information required.

Who can view my Hazard Register information?

Police can view this information.

Where is the Alertus Hazard Register located?

The hazard register fields are located under the section “Hazard Register” within an Alertus customers online profile on the “premise” page.

When can I register my hazardous information?

When an Alertus customer registers their property with Alertus, they automatically receive the ability within their online profile, to record all details of their hazardous or dangerous information. This is done within the section called Hazard Register within your profile on the “premise” page.

Is there a limit to the number of hazards I can register?

There is no limit. Every Alertus customer can record the description, details and other comments about any hazards at the property and as many as they wish.

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