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Prior to 1991, the New Zealand Police operated an emergency contact register, which recorded contact information for each business premise. This system relied on individual business owners contacting their local Police to update information. The information was manually recorded on a card system by Police staff and retrieved as and when required. This system rapidly grew and the information quickly became out of date due to business owners forgetting or neglecting to keep the information updated. As such, the card index system could not be relied upon for accuracy, when the need arose.

In September 1991, Alertus (formerly Keyholder Directories Ltd) were contracted by NZ Police to provide and maintain the emergency contact register system. The new system we provided negated the need for business owners to remember to update their details as Alertus became responsible to ensure the information was always updated and current. This system was provided to NZ Police at no cost, and a small subscription fee was charged to business on the emergency contact register which covered the cost of the service. This system operated successfully from 1991 until the present day providing this valuable service to over 10,000 business’ throughout New Zealand.

Alertus has now been further enhanced through the introduction of a web based service. This enables business owners to directly access their emergency contact information online and edit as and when required. Many additional features have been added which enable businesses to store more comprehensive information regarding their business, including unlimited listing of after hours contact keyholders, nominated services personnel, security services, dangerous goods, asset information and much more.

This emergency contact information service has been further enhanced to allow residential home owners and occupiers, to all store incident or emergency contact information.  This information is accessible to the Emergency Services through our 0800 call centre, which will enable Police to also request asset serial number searches to identify property which has been located.

One of the many benefits of the new web based service means customers can access and update any of their emergency contact information, on a 24 hour basis, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world.


John Keogh

Director (Wellington)

Jayne Keogh

Director (Wellington)

Jayne has been the face of the former Keyholder Directories Limited since its inception in 1991. She has successfully built up and managed the KDL business whilst raising a family. A significant achievement indeed! Previous to the KDL business, Jayne worked in the airline industry with a big focus on customer service. She left the airline industry to start a family and ended up contributing significantly to the KDL business. Jayne continues to provide the continuity in the change from KDL to Alertus and has significant operational knowledge that continues to benefit our business.

Ray Millar

Director (Auckland)

Ray is a former member of the NZ Police. He joined the NZ Police in 1986 and served for three years at the Henderson Police station in West Auckland before joining the Criminal Investigation Branch in 1989. As a Detective Ray was involved in the full range of investigations into serious crime in West Auckland until 1992 when he decided to specialise in VIP/Witness Protection. In 1995 after transferring to the Wellington Central Police station, Ray continued to concentrate on the investigation of serious crime choosing to specialise in the proceeds of crime and organised crime.

In 2000 Ray resigned from the NZ Police to take up his new challenge as National Investigator for the US Embassy in Wellington. It was here that Ray was involved in physical and procedural security management, asset protection, personal security, international investigations and law enforcement liaison.

Ray has returned to Auckland and for the last 3 years has been providing security consultancy services to both government and private businesses before accepting the offer to share his valuable expertise and experience with our customers here at Alertus.



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