What is the Alertus Digital Vault?

The Alertus digital vault is a section within your Alertus profile that allows you to store details about your important documents and other important information. It comes “free” when you register your properties emergency contact details with Alertus. Within your profile it is located under the section “Other Information”.

Why should I register my assets somewhere?

When your home or business is the subject of a burglary, theft or natural disaster , valuable possessions and important documents are often the items stolen, damaged or lost. Insurance companies need proof of purchase on some occasions before claims can be paid out.

When travelling abroad sometimes important documents, such as passports are stolen or lost. Now you simply record this information with your Alertus profile under the section “Other Information” and classify it as “Digital Vault”. This way only you can view the information and retrieve it as and when required.

What kind of information can I store in my digital vault space?

You can store information on anything you wish to keep secure away and off site from your home or business. Some examples are passport numbers, sentimental photos, scanned copies of important documents etc.

What are the options available to me to record my information?

You can choose to record your asset information in either the Asset Register, Hazard Register or Digital Vault.

  • When Asset Register is selected, all of this information is placed in your Asset Register.
  • When Hazard Register is selected, all of this information is placed in your Hazard Register.
  • When Digital Vault is selected, all of this information is placed in the Digital Vault.

How do I get my information loaded into my profile?

Simply go to your profile and click on the premise page. Once you have completed the fields within the Digital Vault section and uploaded any photos, simply click on the “save” button.

Who can view my asset information I record within my Digital Vault?

No-one other than the Alertus customer that recorded the information, gets to see this information. Never viewed by Emergency Services and can be retrieved by Alertus if requested by you.

Where is the Alertus Digital Vault located?

The digital vault fields are located under the section Digital Vault within your Alertus online profile on the “premise” page.

When can I register my information in the Digital Vault?

When an Alertus customer registers their property with Alertus, they automatically receive the ability within their online profile, to record all details of their important information in the digital vault. This is done within the section called Digital Vault within your profile on the “premise” page.

Is there a limit to the number of pieces of important information I can register?

No. There is no limit. Every Alertus customer can record the description, numbers and comments about any important information or documents they own, and as many as they wish.

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